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Merci beaucoup for a successful Festival!

A huge thanks to everyone that attended L'OR French Film Festival Aotearoa 2023 and made it such a success! Next year's Festival is in the works, and we can't wait to see you…

Now Playing!

The wait is over! L’OR FRENCH FILM FESTIVAL AOTEAROA 2023 begins its run today in the first set of locations.

One week to go!

Not long to go now... The créme de la créme of French cinema starts hitting screens across Aotearoa in just one week!

Two weeks to go!

We’re just two weeks out from this year’s Festival. If you haven’t booked your tickets yet, get in quick! There are plenty of great films to choose from - take your peck!

Three weeks to go!

Looking for the perfect night out? L’OR FRENCH FILM FESTIVAL AOTEAROA 2023 has got you covered. Three weeks to go until we open in our first set of locations!

Four weeks to go!

L’OR FRENCH FILM FESTIVAL AOTEAROA 2023 is the liaison for the saison. Grab your friends and escape the cold weather with one of our films! The Festival starts in four weeks…

The 2023 Programme is Live!

Our full programme is revealed, and tickets for L’OR FRENCH FILM FESTIVAL AOTEAROA 2023 are now on sale in select locations! 

Réservez La Date!

L'OR French Film Festival Aotearoa is back. L’OR French Film Festival Aotearoa will again bring the crème de la crème of French cinema to a big screen near you this…

2023 Dates Announced!

We're excited to announce the dates and locations for French Film Festival Aotearoa 2023! Take a look below to see when the Festival is coming to your nearest town/city: 25…

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